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9. Telemarketing

This is the ninth part of our extended article, “Getting more Business in 2013″.  To see the rest of this article, click here

This may not at first sight be something that you might consider. However note the title is  telemarketing not telesales. In telemarketing you can build
interest through a suitably qualified telephone call and then make an
appointment. Or you can get commitment to try/buy a sample, or agree to receive further information

If you are going to do this yourself get some information about best practice and use it. These are only some ideas that you can use to help revive your
business and develop your marketing activity. Whatever marketing you do make sure that you measure the results from each element of the activity so that you
can understand where to put your marketing spend in the future.

More useful information on this can be found in  Boosting Your Business, the house magazine of UKBA.  Why not click the link and have a look.


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