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Fatigue As Dangerous as Drink In Workplace

More than a million UK employees are sleep deprived to the point where a lack of sleep affects their ability to the same extent as alcohol.

A Vielife survey of workers showed that one in three  suffer from ‘poor sleep’. These people are ‘living in danger of a semi-conscious existence equal to repeatedly driving their car well over the alcohol limit’.

35% of women have poor sleep and 31% of men, with depression having a direct link to poor sleep.

Those working a five-day week were found to generally have better sleep than those working more or less than five days.

Tony Massey, Vielife’s Chief Medical Officer, said, “Being ‘sleep drunk’ is a common issue that causes personal and work life issues and a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of solving it.”

The data is based on ‘sleep scores’ recorded by users of vielife’s online health and wellbeing platform. A sleep score indicates the overall quality and satisfaction of a person’s sleep as part of a wider ‘wellbeing score’ used to help people identify and work to improve their health issues.

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