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Rising Confidence Causing Staff To Move On

Rising confirdence among the workforce is causing an increase in the number of workers quitting their jobs for better positions, concludes a survey by Robert Half which discloses that more and more workers are seeking to boost their career progression by changing employers.

Employees are citing a lack of remuneration/recognition by their company as the primary reason for this increase, with small businesses being worst affected (46 per cent), along with those in the public sector (61 per cent).  There is also evidence that many employees are leaving due to fears over job security. This was cited by 29 per cent of survey respondents while a poor work-life balance was also given as a reason for leaving by a further 28 per cent.

Phil Sheridan, UK managing director of Robert Half, said: “The UK economy is showing signs of expansion, with many companies proactively looking for experienced professionals to fill business-critical roles.

“Employees are clearly no longer waiting for their own employment conditions to improve — with some businesses still enforcing pay freezes – and instead are looking to improve on salary, working conditions and work-life balance within alternative companies.”

Sc: Robert Half; MGBA; UKBA


Want to Reduce Unemployment? Support Your Local SME

Predictably maybe the Federation of Small Businesses claims that SMEs are generating the new jobs needed to rebuild the growth in the economy that HMG have signally failed to achieve.

They have just completed a survey that reveals that 90% of recently unemployed get back to work by either starting up on their own or working for an SME.  Specifically 17% start their own businesses while 52% find work within micro or small businesses.

The FSB are demanding HMG provide more support and incentives for small businesses to help them grow further and suggest that an extension to the NIC holiday might be a good place to start.

So, reader, if you are self employed or running a small business, what do you think the government should do to help you?  Send me your top three.

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