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Top Tips To Help You Win government Contracts

A series of videos to help SMEs and voluntary organisations pitch for and win government contracts have been released. We want suppliers of all sizes to be able to compete for and win government business and we have reduced many of the barriers and bureaucracy in public sector procurement. But we know that bidding for government contracts can seem overwhelming – government is after all, a highly desirable client, one that pays on time and requires a large number of services, so we understandably expect

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Protecting Your Pitch: How to sell the value of your expertise

For those of us in the consultancy / coaching profession the issues around making a successful pitch for business is always uppermost in our minds.

Protecting Your Pitch: How to sell the value of your expertise.

Thats why I have attached this link to Stephanie Shirley’s blog.  She runs her own PR consultancy and although she is  from the USA and we need to make allowances for the differences in our business processes, she does make some very good points which you may find useful in considering your own sales activity.

Have a look and see what you think.  Can you use any of her ideas?  Let me know in the comments box or drop me an email.

10 Tips To Help You Find More Customers

Following on from from my last post on the topic of getting more customers, this

10 Tips For Finding More Clients time I have a few tips on getting more clients and how to make it easy for them to come to you.

Getting new business clients or reviving old customers is much simpler than we make it. Most times we cannot see the wood for the trees, so here are 10 tips devised by myself and my colleagues in UKBA, to bring back the basics into your business.

Details of our tips will be following over the next few days so be sure to log back in or to make very sure you don’t miss a tip, why not follow me then you’ll get an email every time pearls of business wisdom drop forth from my keyboard.

Converting Leads Into Valuable Customers

Whatever your lead generation process, once you have a sufficient flow of leads coming into your business, you need to make sure that you can convert a significant number of them into business or you will be wasting your marketing effort.

Converting Prospects To CustomersThe best way to achieve this is to document who says what to the prospect.
This will give you a clear process that can be used consistently and improved based on the results that follow making it more and more effective. But whatever your process, it will need to include the following elements:
Establishing Rapport: If there is no rapport, there will be no
sale. Make the prospect comfortable with you so that you can build a relationship and continue to build that rapport (and the consequent trust) throughout the selling relationship.
Establishing An Upfront Contract: It is important to establish at an early
stage what you and your prospect have a right to expect from the forthcoming sales conversation. This establishes behavioural boundaries and facilitates the
decision-making process. It also avoids misreading of the situation. If your prospect starts making positive statements, you can be confident in relying on them.
Uncover And Probe your Prospect’s “Pain”: People buy emotionally (and justify their decisions rationally) and the most intense emotion is pain. Without a sense of pain, your prospect will favour the status quo and there will be no sale for you. What “pain” must your prospects experience before they are ready to buy your product or service?
Get All The Money Issues Out OnThe Table: You must address the cost of your product or service but, equally, you must address the cost to your prospect of not buying from you. With the scales tipping in your favour, your prospect will buy. If not, no sale as the option of doing nothing remains attractive.
Discover Your Prospect’s Decision Making Process:  Can they decide alone? Who else is a decision-maker or influencer? Can they decide now or is something missing?
Present A Solution That Will Take Away Your Prospect’s “Pain”: When the time is right, present your solution. A good way to determine when that time has come in the conversation, is to ask “On a scale 0-10, with zero being interest and 10 being ready to buy, where are you? Five or less and you have work to do, 6 to 9 and you can ask “ What do you have to see to go to 10?”
Above all, make your sales conversations ‘win-win’ and you will find that you are turning more and more of your leads into sales.

If you want to talk to me about any of the points above please email me at and please do have have a look at our website

If you think this article makes sense, try reading my article on Generating Sales Leads.

Source Information for this article. MGBA

Customer Care Team Attributes – Update

My recent blog post on the attributes of a successful customer care team seem to have caused some comment and suggestion.  So tobring everyone up to date I have listed below the attributes sugested so far.  So what do you think? and what level of importance do you place on them?

1. Ability to listen

2. Product knowledge

3. Helpful and empathathetic

4. Completer finisher

5. Positive attitude

6. Flexibility and lateral thinking

If you would like to addyour thoughts please email me on or add your comment below.

Key Attributes of Customer Care Team

A client of mine, who manufactures and distributes products for the commercial building industry, is reviewing the operation of their Customer Care team and have asked me to support them. They are a major player in their market and their products are installed in public buildings like universities and hotels throughout the country.

Customer confidentiality stops me giving the precise details but their products are vital to public safety and comfort.  Their sales are made through a network of contractors and distributers via my client’s dedicated sales team, supported by the customer care function.

My client has asked me to help review the operation of the Customer Care function and I would be delighted if you could help me.  What do you think are the key personal attributes of a successful customer care team member.  Maybe you have employed such staff; or perhaps you are – or have been a customer care professional.  In asny event please let me know your view on the top five key attributes. 

You could enter your response as a comment to this post – or email your thoughts to me to I would be very interested to read your views.

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