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Young People Are Considering Self-Employment

According to The Prince’s Trust 30% of young people believe they will be self employed in the future, while one in four expect to start up in business in the next five years. The Prince’s Trust and RBS also found that although just 5% of young people are currently self employed, over a quarter are actively considering it. The main barriers to starting up in business were concerns about funding and a lack of support. Martina Milburn, Chief Executive of The Prince’s Trust, said “youth unemployment remains high and many are seeing self employment as a way to break the cycle of joblessness.”

The question in my mind is thatv whether these young people are being driven to self employment by lack of career options elsewhere.  And secondly, do they understand the implications of self employment.  In my view many only see the percieved frrdom and flexibility of running their own business.  Many quote the “no bosses” myth.  In fact, as those of us working for ouerselves know: the bank manager; the VAT; HMRC merely replace the boss at work.  I certainly believe that career and business organisations should be very wary of this. The well-known statistic of failure among ill prepared and trained would-be entrepeneurs should make us all very wary of this apparently-pleasing finding.  But what do you think?  Let me know by completing the form below.

More information on the survey:



Business Coaching and Funding Opportunity

If you manage, support or mentor small or cocial businesses in the Birmingham areas this could be for you.  Winning Moves of Stafford are running a project called Enterprise Catalyst in Birmingham. 

The project offers a combination of 1-2-1 business coaching and workshops that help businesses preprare to apply for a grant of up to £10,000, exceptionally, £15,000.  Businesses will need to match any grant funding on a £1 for £1 basis. Winning Moves are looking for businesses, especially social enterprises, that could benefit from the project.
Broadly, eligible businesses are those that have been trading for 12months+ and are located within the priority3 areas of Birmingham (wards such as Aston, Nechells, Handsworth, Ladywood) and are ERDF eligible ie not retail, construction etc…

If you are interested in finding out more for your own business, or one you are working with – or if you have any questions please respond using the comment box below or drop me an email. I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Portsmouth Businesses to Hear About GrowthAccelerator

Manufacturers around Portsmouth are being invited to an event to learn how HMG’s GrowthAccelerator programme can help them.  The event, organised jointly by Portsmouth City Council and Business Growth and Support, is to be held at the Portsmouth Enterprise Centre will be addressed by Pauline Rippon of UKTI; Mark Barber and Richard Cooper of GrowthAccelerator and Patrick Lee of MAS.

thev event is being held on 29th May and doors open at 2.30 pm.  for more information you can call Madeline Morton on 07425 133084 or email her on

Sc: Portsmouth News



GrowthAccelerator is a new partnership between the government and the private sector designed to help growing businesses to identify and then overcome barriers to growth. Small and medium sized business owners and senior managers will get to work with world-class growth experts to help them achieve their potential. The programme focuses on areas such as:

  • Creating new products and services.
  • Developing new business opportunities.
  • Effective marketing and sales.
  • Improving management capability.

Businesses can find out if they qualify for support by entering their details on the new Midlands GrowthAccelerator page.

MGBA Supporting a new client

Today is a busy day.  My MGBA colleagues and I have signed a new client and, as always in these cases, there is loads to do.

This is a new start up business headed up by a guy who has considerable experience in his sector but needs help with the organisation and funding.

So emails are flashing back and forth as his cashflow and P&L develops. Conference calls are under way for funding and suppliers.  And finally we are building his sales / marketing plan too.

All this is happening pretty much on the hoof as sales are happening as we speak and the client is already installing product on his customers’ sites.

All terrific stuff and everyone working under pressure but having a great time.

Funding Partners; HSBC; Young Britain; BCRS

Business coaching and support: MGBA

Sc: Martin Parry

6. E_Marketing

This is the sixth part of our extended article, “Getting more Business in 2013″.  To see the rest of this article, click here

E-Marketing can be a very cost-effective way to deliver your message.  The technique covers a variety of activities to get to your target market. Here are a few simple tips to help you improve the performance of your e-marketing activities.

  • Ensure you have all your customers email addresses.
  •  Build up a database of prospects email addresses. This can be done either by buying an opt in list from a list broker or by building your database by capturing the details of visitors to your website.
  • Send regular emails to these lists with latest information on your business.
  • Remember it is illegal to send unsolicited emails to people or oraganisations with whom you have no previous commercial relationship.  If you need more infoprmation on this complete the comment box below or drop me an email to

This article originally published in Boosting Your Business, the house magazine of UKBA

Start ups Lack Only Finance and Information – Survey

A survey has found that 25% of the population would like to start their own business and are only prevented from doing so by a lack of information and finance. (No s**t Sherlock!).

This brilliant survey also illuminated us with figures like: 4.2% of us are in the process of setting up a business and 3.4% already do so.

Those aged between 33 – 44 quoted finance as being their major barrier while young people state a lack of information to be the culprit.

Speaking personally I’m not sure that this survey has actually added anything to our knowledge on the problems involved in business start ups.  However if you would like to know more, click here.

So what do you think about this?  Does this survey tell us anything new?  Let me know at or fill in the comment box below.


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