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NI Contributions Bill Goes To Parliament

Businesses and charities can benefit from an annual £2,000 employment allowance towards their national insurance contributions as part of the National Insurance Contributions Bill introduced to Parliament last week. 

 It is expected to be in place by April 2014 and employers will need to confirm their eligibility via the normal payroll process. The allowance will be deducted over a year from employers’ PAYE payments. 

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Encrypt or Pay, Businesses Told

SMEs should ensure electronic copies of customer information is properly encrypted.  So says the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) after the owner of a loans company was fined £5000 after a hard drive holding personal the personal and financial details of his customers were stolen from his car.  The hard drive was password protected but not encrypted.  ICO Head of Enforcement, Stephen Eckersley has warned all businesses that they “must encrypt any personal data stored on portable devices, where the loss of the information could cause clear damage and distress to the customers affected.”

For more information on this click the link below.

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Birmingham Home To Fastest Growing Businesses – Poll

According to a poll by GrowthAccelerator birmingham is home to the fastest growing businesses in the UK.  Closely followed by by Westminster, Leeds and Manchester.  If you think your business location is key to your growth and prosperity click here for a Guardian poll on the subject.

Portsmouth Businesses to Hear About GrowthAccelerator

Manufacturers around Portsmouth are being invited to an event to learn how HMG’s GrowthAccelerator programme can help them.  The event, organised jointly by Portsmouth City Council and Business Growth and Support, is to be held at the Portsmouth Enterprise Centre will be addressed by Pauline Rippon of UKTI; Mark Barber and Richard Cooper of GrowthAccelerator and Patrick Lee of MAS.

thev event is being held on 29th May and doors open at 2.30 pm.  for more information you can call Madeline Morton on 07425 133084 or email her on

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GrowthAccelerator is a new partnership between the government and the private sector designed to help growing businesses to identify and then overcome barriers to growth. Small and medium sized business owners and senior managers will get to work with world-class growth experts to help them achieve their potential. The programme focuses on areas such as:

  • Creating new products and services.
  • Developing new business opportunities.
  • Effective marketing and sales.
  • Improving management capability.

Businesses can find out if they qualify for support by entering their details on the new Midlands GrowthAccelerator page.

MGBA Supporting a new client

Today is a busy day.  My MGBA colleagues and I have signed a new client and, as always in these cases, there is loads to do.

This is a new start up business headed up by a guy who has considerable experience in his sector but needs help with the organisation and funding.

So emails are flashing back and forth as his cashflow and P&L develops. Conference calls are under way for funding and suppliers.  And finally we are building his sales / marketing plan too.

All this is happening pretty much on the hoof as sales are happening as we speak and the client is already installing product on his customers’ sites.

All terrific stuff and everyone working under pressure but having a great time.

Funding Partners; HSBC; Young Britain; BCRS

Business coaching and support: MGBA

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6. E_Marketing

This is the sixth part of our extended article, “Getting more Business in 2013″.  To see the rest of this article, click here

E-Marketing can be a very cost-effective way to deliver your message.  The technique covers a variety of activities to get to your target market. Here are a few simple tips to help you improve the performance of your e-marketing activities.

  • Ensure you have all your customers email addresses.
  •  Build up a database of prospects email addresses. This can be done either by buying an opt in list from a list broker or by building your database by capturing the details of visitors to your website.
  • Send regular emails to these lists with latest information on your business.
  • Remember it is illegal to send unsolicited emails to people or oraganisations with whom you have no previous commercial relationship.  If you need more infoprmation on this complete the comment box below or drop me an email to

This article originally published in Boosting Your Business, the house magazine of UKBA

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