Is your Customer Service The Best It Can Be?

Customers expect their suppliers to provide a product or service that delivers what they want, when they need it, at a cost that they are prepared to pay and to a quality level that meets their expectations. Enlightened businesses refer to this as the “Customer Promise”. Keep your promise and happy customers will return to you for more of what you delivered.

So how do you deliver what you promise? This breaks down into the following stages:


When customers are looking for products and services, they look to the “Marketplace”. Make it easy for your target customers to find you, with effective positioning of your products and services.

• Have an effective marketing strategy in place

• Identify where your customers “go shopping”

• Undertake effective market surveys to anticipate their needs and wants

• Ask your existing customers what else you could do for them

• Make use of the internet and social media to get your business and its products and services out there

• Send out a newsletter with useful information pertinent to them on a regular basis

• Provide pre-sales support


How effective is your sales process? Customers want you to respond quickly when they want information or want to buy. Make sure that an order does not sit on your desk waiting to be processed. The quicker you get the order processed, the sooner you can deliver and the sooner you can get paid!

Customers want buying from you to be easy. Make sure you understand the complete “order to payment” process from the customer’s point of view.

More and more companies provide the status of customer orders on-line. If you sell through distributors, treat them as you would direct customers.

Do you have an effective way of capturing customers’ requirements? A good Customer Relationship

Management (CRM) system will pay for itself many times over.


It is no good having orders if you don’t deliver on time. Make sure you have the resources and processes to do so. This is your supply chain and it can be the most challenging of tasks. If you cannot fulfill the order on time, communicate with the customer early.


Having sold to a customer, you need to take care of the customer. Respond to problems and complaints

quickly. A quickly resolved complaint can increase customer loyalty. Provide post-sales support as a way of cementing the relationship with the customer.

Seek customer feedback frequently. Do not forget your distributors. Keep them informed of what you are doing to anticipate their future needs.

Keep an eye on how the marketplace is changing. Internalise the customer within your own business by letting your people interact with customers, even those who do not normally see the customer.


Customer service starts before your customers have ever bought from you. Understand the total end-to-end scenario and ensure your customer promise is present at every point.

This article was first published in the UKBA House Magazine “Boost Your Business” in August 2013.  Clink the link to download your copy.



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    • 2 Martin Parry August 29, 2013 at 6:05 pm

      Hi there

      Sorry, don’t know your name and this seems a little impersonal. But I thought I would just let you know that I have another article due for release any day. Just checking the grammar and spelling now.

      Best Regards, Martin

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