Business Twitter for Beginners

May I begin by saying, if you are an experienced Twitter adherent in your business, then this blog ain’t for you.  However if you are considering using Twitter to help market your business then perhaps I can help.

Firstly please don’t imagine that because Twitter is free then it’s use is without cost.  You can easily spend hours using to absolutely no business advantage.  That will make it pretty expensive!  So firstly be very clear about why you are using it and what you hope to achieve.  Remember SMART.  Twitter like everything else must have a measurable objective (ROI)

If you are interested, have a read of my article about ensuring you get a return on your social media activities. Click here.

However if you are looking for some really simple points remember when you are starting to use Twitter to market your business, read on…

  • 70 Characters max.  Shorter Tweets are re-tweeted twice as often.
  • Use attention words.  Words like WOW and TODAY ONLY grab attention
  • Make tweets personal. This can mean funny. interesting, informative.  They are re-tweeted more and personalise your brand.
  • Provide useful news.  Content that educates and informs is re-tweeted more often. Much more popular than simply hard-selling.
  • Offer a deal. Tweets with deals are 16% re-tweeted 16% more.
  • Tweet about upcoming events.  Builds a sense of anticipation.  Try news about an upcoming sale or exhibition or event/

Finally, don’t expect results immediately.  Twitter is a medium term tool and you will need to keep going to build up your following.

If you would like more information on using Twitter in your business, put your question in the comment box below or drop an email to Martin Parry

Sc: MGBA/UKBA/Martin Parry


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