How To Win Business in 2013

Food For Thought For ChristmasAs Christmas is drawing nigh, it might be a good idea to use the break to detach yourself from the office phone and inbox and spend some time planning how you intend to build your business next year.

So this month I thought we should think about marketing and how to get the best possible return for your marketing budget’. You need to be getting your message out there in the market place. So my colleagues in MGBA and I have written this months article designed to give you some great marketing ideas and how to make sure every pound spent drives your business forward.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget

One of the first items that is cut in an economic downturn is the marketing budget.  Often it is perceived as an expensive luxury.  But this is exactly when you should increase marketing activity when many of your competitors are reducing theirs.

We will be giving you some brilliant aid tips to keep your lead generation and brand image marketing going while not spending a fortune.  So follow this blog and look out for my next post.

1. Messages/Targetting

2. Channels

3. Networking

4. Press Releases

5. Website

6. E-Marketing

7. Newsletters

8. Business Directories

9. Telemarketing


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