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2. Channels

This post is the second of our extended article, Getting more Business in 2013.  To see the rest of this article, click here

  • How are you getting to market? Have you optimised the channels through which you sell? Are the messages created above suitable for the channels you have chosen?
  • Markets – are there different markets that you have not tried before?

This article originally published in Boosting Your Business, the house magazine of UKBA


Business Link Helpline Falls Short

The Business Link helpline received 1,500 calls a week in the first three months after its launch in November 2011, according to a Government review. Around a third of callers were pre-starts, 18% were in the process of starting up and 46% had already started up. The main reasons for businesses and pre-starts contacting the helpline were for finance and funding advice, while two thirds rang because they could not find the information they needed on the Business Link website, which has subsequently been switched off. In addition, the review found respondents preferred one-to-one advice over web-based sources of information.

none of which surprises me at all.  But how about you.  Have you called the helpline?  What do you think about it?  I would be interested to hear your thoughts.  Drop me an email at or put your thoughts in my comments box below.


Merry Christmas everyone


This post is Part One of my extended article, Getting more Business in 2013.  To see the rest of this article, click here

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget

• Understand clearly who your customers are.  Write a specification for your ideal customer. What they are business or consumer or both; what size they are; what do they do; why do they buy from you; what do they buy from you. Once you have a clear idea ensure that all the rest of your activity addresses this ‘ideal customer’ wherever possible.
• Review all marketing messages.  Ensure that they speak to the range of customers you have or are targeting and that they address an issue that the potential client has.

• Differentiators.  Ask yourself why am I different from my competitors?
Why do my customers come to me and not my competitors?

This article originally published in Boosting Your Business, the house magazine of UKBA

HMG Supports Pubs! And So Do I!

A new fund has been launched by community pub support organisation Pub is the Hub.

The New Community Services Fund will help pubs to diversify and provide services to their local communities. For example, by providing library services, producing school meals, and opening farm shops and post offices. Local government minister Brandon Lewis recently announced the Government would donate £150,000 to the Fund.

Sounds like a very good idea to me.  So why not tell your friendly pub landlord next time you see him.  Or better still get down there now.  Cheers!

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Top 10 Apps—Opportunity at your fingertips

If you are a smart phone user really into your apps, click the link for a really good blog from Dan in which he lists his favorites.   Well worth a read

Top 10 Apps—Opportunity at your fingertips.


More Gravy for SMEs

But while you are all waiting with baited breath for our 2013 marketing article, my spies in the HMG cabinet office tell me that government plans to get more SMEs in the government procurement gravy train are actually progressing.  My little bird tells me that four new industries have been added to the pipelines. Professional services; Financial services; Waste management and the Fire services sectors have been added bringing the total value of published opportunities to £4bn.  Little bird overheard Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude say “We are determined to make it easier for firms of all sizes to compete for and win Government business so we can leverage our spending on suppliers to help the economy grow.”

As always if you have any views on this post, use the comment box below or drop me an email.  Always glad to hear from a business colleague.

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