More Business Funding Thoughts for Businesses

In a recent post on the way entrepeneurs are financing their businesses without recourse to banks.  Options like Crowdcube, Zopa and Funding Circle are beginning enable the business community to find new and innovative ways to solve their funding requirements.

Providers are now beginning to offer bridging finance to entrepeneurs requiring short term funding quickly, usually secured against commercial or residential property.  In addition another option is mezzanine funding which can be used to support a business between launch and IPO or can be used to help with:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Growth propositions
  • Management buy outs
  • Debt re-financing
  • Corporate re-structuring

Obviously there are a large number of issues a business must consider when thinking about finance, what ever the reason.  This blog does not seek to offer or recommend any particular type of funding but merely to suggest that banks are not necessarily the only – or indeed best way to go.

However MGBA are very well placed to support businesses in working through the issues and processes in making their funding decisions and in finding the most eficient and cost-effective providers. MGBA are dedicated to working with small and start up businesses and can offer help and guidance in business planning and funding.

If you have questions, thoughts or comments on this post or my blog please drop me an email to or leave a comment below.


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