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In The New Business World Ostriches Will Not Survive

I guess we have all been asking ourselves three questions simple questions for some time now. Simple questions but complex answers. Certainly I don’t have the answers, if you do please let me know.

Those questions are:

  1. Where is the bottom of this downturn?
  2. How will we know when we get there?
  3. What will it look like?

My reading of the situation is that things will get even worse at some time: the USA’s refusal to address it’s problems will certainly come back to haunt us; we’ve not yet seen a huge fall-out between the major debtor and creditor nations.  And these assume the present European debt crisis is not merely plastered over!

Given the situation, just how do you manage your business in the meantime?

Whatever you do, it must be decisive.  To do nothing is not an option. This blog is simply to suggest that you think about three things:

  1.  What Should I Stop Doing?
    What are you doing at the moment that wastes time or cash or is a diversion of resources?
  1. What Should I Start Doing?
    What are you not doing, but should be to give yourself the best chance of surviving and thriving?
  2. What Should I Continue Doing?
    What should you do more of, less of, or better?

Resolve these questions within your organisation; then create and implement a business plan to deliver your decisions.  Don’t forget if you see problems looming for your business the Ostrich Plan will not work.  Doing nothing is not an option.  Its time to think hard about the three questions and develop a survival plan.

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